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It is here for you to have a more professional presence in exhibitions.

By gathering professionals from the exhibition industry, Rostak’s exhibition services will guarantee a reliable, powerful, effective and professional presence for you in upcoming exhibitions. We recommend Rostak as a professional team. Quality assurance with us

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Supply Human Resources

The use of expert staff in setting up exhibition stands will differentiate you from your competitors. We will provide information, hostess, specialized translator and sampler for you.

VIP reception

Professional reception of your guests at international exhibitions is our specialty. VIP and CIP catering of Rostak company will be with you by forming a specialized catering team and using suitable devices.

Preparation of exhibition stands

All kinds of booth construction services, exhibition equipment rental, floor construction, space frame, matrix, lighting, all kinds of advertising gifts, photography and videography, banner printing and environmental advertising and exhibition surroundings.

Introducing Rastak

Rastak Exhibition and Ceremonial Services Company has started its activity since 2009 in the field of providing all kinds of exhibition services. By creating a set of expert and efficient human forces in the field of the country’s exhibition industry in the form of an independent private legal entity with the benefit of the available facilities in this field, this company will use all its power to achieve the goals of the exhibition participants in order to attend the exhibition as well as possible. It provides what it needs.

معرفی رستاک

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    Reception and exhibition ceremonies

    The exhibition is a good opportunity to sign contracts with large companies and develop business, and it is also an opportunity to communicate with industry leaders.
    Usually, during an event, senior managers visit the booths and walk a little in the exhibition space, for this reason, you can communicate with them and hold meetings to expand cooperation. If an important guest and manager of a big company that you intend to communicate with visits your booth, you should be able to welcome them in the best and fastest way. Welcoming a special guest in a small booth that may be visited by hundreds of people daily is a difficult task and requires coordination before the start of the exhibition.

    پذیرایی و تشریفات نمایشگاهی​

    Why should we trust Rastak?

    Rastak exhibition services and ceremonies started its activities in 1989 at the permanent location of international exhibitions in Tehran, and over the past years, it has been proud to provide various exhibition services to hundreds of well-known brands in different exhibitions, and has been able to gain the trust of the vast majority of customers. To promote its name as a reliable brand in providing various exhibition services. The use of professional and experienced manpower, the use of first-class and high-quality raw materials, along with innovation and creating creativity in providing services, has always distinguished this company from its competitors. Ceremonial service provider is currently trusted by all activists and beneficiaries of the country's exhibition industry.

    Serving your guests with first-class ingredients

    Do you want your hosting to be perfect in all aspects? Rastak Exhibition Services, having a staff of expert consultants in the field of catering services in exhibitions, can provide you with correct advice in this regard.

    Provision of exhibitors, attendants and translators

    All the exhibitors, hostesses and translators of Rastak have experience of attending more than ten major international exhibitions and are well versed in how to deal with customers, attract potential customers of your company and are friendly.

    Booth and space frame construction services

    One of the prominent features of Space Frame and Tetris booths is their unique design, which can be adjusted according to the needs and wishes of each customer. This allows customers to customize the design and size of the booth based on their products, services, and budget, and communicate with their audience in the best possible way.

    Frequently asked questions about Rastak

    In today’s complex competitive market, choosing contractors to provide the best services in the company’s most important marketing event is a difficult and complex task and requires precision, obsession and sufficient knowledge. Rastak, the oldest company that provides exhibition and ceremony services, guarantees the quality of services and the use of first-class raw materials and competitive prices, while understanding the client’s sensitivities regarding the quality of services and the time of their delivery, giving you the assurance that in your choice You are not wrong.

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