Reception and exhibition ceremonies

The exhibition is a good opportunity to sign contracts with large companies and develop business, and it is also an opportunity to communicate with industry leaders.

Usually, during an event, senior managers visit the booths and walk a little in the exhibition space, for this reason, you can communicate with them and hold meetings to expand cooperation. If an important guest and manager of a big company that you intend to communicate with visits your booth, you should be able to receive them in the best and fastest way. Welcoming a special guest in a small booth that may be visited by thousands of people is always a difficult task and requires coordination before the start of the exhibition.

Rastak Exhibition Services Company always provides the best and highest quality services of exhibition ceremonies to the participants of exhibitions in Iran.

These services can include providing a simple hostess to providing all stages of receiving your guests with the most advanced and best industrial devices at your booth.

The use of coffee and espresso machines, providing all kinds of drinks based on the requirements of the season, including tea and herbal teas, all kinds of syrups, ice cream, coffee, Nescafe, espresso, hot chocolate, etc. Providing all ceremonial dishes in permanent or disposable types is one of our commitments to the booth customers.

By choosing Rastak company, you will certainly have peace of mind in your business negotiations with the customers of your booth and you will enjoy the good hospitality of your guests.