Events are very important and sensitive events that can play an effective role in the strength of your brand or in the impact of your company’s various festivals, and through the largest sampling, promotion and event projects, we can give you a tangible and tangible impact. We bring, one of our specialties is creating huge, creative and memorable events, and in today’s competitive business world, you must stand out and be at the forefront of the most creative projects in your industry so that you can always be one step ahead of the competition. Stay ahead of your competitors, group Rastak’s exhibition and ceremony services make this possible for you, and by training the best executives and using the best samplers and promoters, we create new and valuable experiences for brands that want to stand out.

Sampling and promotion

The increasing entry of different brands in the cycle of competition and the expansion of the competitive market among manufacturers and importers, as well as considering the changing tastes of consumers, always the discussion of competition, product introduction and proving the quality and worthiness of the brand among consumers is the main and secondary discussion. has been producers. The multiplicity of advertising methods such as advertising in public media, city and intercity billboards, the use of catalogs and brochures, advertising couriers, etc., as well as the period of efficiency and effectiveness and financial estimates of each method cause doubts about the choice of the type of advertising. has become the producers, but the best advertising method in the food industry is the method of sampling and product promotion, and the positive results of international and domestic brands from testing this advertising method are proof of its effectiveness. Sampling and promotion is a method of advertising to introduce and accurately identify a new or old product of a brand, which leads the consumer to choose that brand quickly and without a doubt.

What is a sample?

A sample or a free product sample is one of the most attractive advertising tools and methods, which is usually accompanied by a grand welcome and can create a sense of real experience of using your products for the consumer.

What is Sashe?

Sachets are very useful in cosmetics and health products, and they are often pasted inside the product brochures, and our samplers present these brochures and sachets to the audience in sampling projects, with this method because of the value of the sachet in It is inside the brochure. Most of the time, the target audience or the consumer keeps the brochure and the sachet with him and reads the description on the product brochure during use, but when the brochure is presented only to the consumer, the chance of reading it is very low.

The sampling project can deliver your free product or sample to the consumer, and usually if the sampling and promotion team starts a project with a specific scenario and there is a creative thought behind the implementation of the sampling project, very favorable results are obtained and a significant increase in sales is achieved. We will witness the projects.

Food sampling brings the memorable taste of products to the consumer, in food product sampling projects, we see a lot of instant and spot sales increase due to product testing.
Samples of cosmetic products are usually accompanied by small samples of the product or sachets, so that your products can easily enter people’s homes.
Entrust the correct delivery of your product samples and advertising message to the sampling team of Rastak Exhibition and Ceremonial Services Company.