finger food

Small bites, finger foods, walk-in foods, finger food, etc. refer to small bites of food that do not require any tools such as spoons and forks to eat them. Nowadays, due to their positive points, finger foods are finding a better place in all kinds of parties and food menus. For example, finger food is the best choice for formal meetings, conventions, conferences and exhibition stands. Finger food is the best choice for self-service parties, finger food is the best choice for appetizers for a luxurious party like a wedding, finger food is the best choice for a nursery school menu and thousands of other reasons you can have for choosing finger foods. Rostak Exhibition and Ceremonial Services Company helps you in your exhibition booths by providing a variety of finger foods.

Benefits of finger foods

An important point in this context is to reduce catering costs while respecting the principles of hosting. Our suggestion is to serve with finger food. Finger foods allow you to eat food with your hands. In most cultures, eating food with your hands is much more palatable than eating it with tools such as spoons and forks. So believe in the culture and spiritual benefits of eating with your hands.

Finger food, a bite of positive energy

Food goes a long way from being purchased, transported, and then cooked to finally being encountered by you. Needless to say, people who perceive and receive energies have a different energy level than others, especially in receiving negative energies. When you put food in your mouth with your hands, your mind will be open to remove the negative energies and you will receive the positive energies because you have taken it into your body without any intermediary. Therefore, most people unconsciously enjoy cutting food with their hands and choosing the best part. The same thing you cook with a chicken by the fire grill and record your best memories.

Finger food, for better communication

Finger foods warm the gathering of guests and improve your social relations. Imagine, as the host, holding a plate full of food and while you are trying to eat, one of your friends calls you and you answer him with a confused nod! That’s why in parties with traditional reception, often the host doesn’t eat or will eat very little.While in a party with finger food reception, a plate containing several beautiful finger foods, each of which is one bite and eaten by hand, will not only make socializing difficult, but will also be a factor to increase social communication. This is the best way to welcome your guests. It will also be in exhibition stands. Imagine that while you are in the middle of a friendly business negotiation, with a piece of delicious food, you will inspire a good feeling and positive energy to the negotiator, and this will be the most enjoyable part of a business conversation.

Finger food, removing worries

Another advantage that finger foods have is eliminating the need to follow meals. In fact, finger foods are not served as a meal and can even be served and eaten during a negotiation. Also, by eliminating the need to use spoons and forks, guests will feel more comfortable in using them as well as how they sit or stand. Even if everything is in small and one-bite sizes, the guests will not think that you have left a little in your hosting, because the finger foods represent a great variety for them.

Finger food to reduce costs

Fingerfoods brings us the best kind of hosting. It is exactly like that. Hosting according to our budget. Since many finger foods do not need to be cooked or heated, they are an affordable proposition for a formal party. In the menu of finger food providers, you will find offers for only 1500 Tomans, which with a little taste and good choice, you can set a varied menu at a reasonable cost for your hosts. At the same time, by eliminating other items such as tableware, cutlery and other necessities of traditional hosting, you will also reduce other costs.