Rental of exhibition equipment

Rastak Exhibition and Ceremonial Services Company will provide all the additional equipment needed for your booth as follows:

Respected exhibitors should note that first you should carefully examine and choose the equipment you need according to the size of the booth and then place your order. To ensure the availability of the equipment, it is necessary to Call the contact numbers that are available on the site and make sure that the items you want are available and then order.

Attention : The responsibility of maintaining and maintaining all exhibition equipment after delivery until the time of evacuation of the exhibition halls is the responsibility of the respected exhibitors.

Dear customers are responsible for any damage, breakage, failure, etc.

    • Renting a 6-foot exhibition refrigerator
    • Water cooler rental
    • Renting all kinds of furniture
    • Renting a jacked chair
    • Conference chair rental
    • Management chair rental
    • Rental of all kinds of showcases
    • Renting all kinds of tables and chairs for various exhibitions and conferences
    • Rental of special exhibition stands
    • Renting all kinds of catalog space
    • Rental of all kinds of showcases
    • Renting all kinds of sofas
    • Renting all kinds of coffee makers
    • Rent a tea maker
    • Renting the machine is enough
    • Rental of LCD, LED, video wall
    • Rental of LED TV (indoor with P3 resolution) in different sizes
    • Renting a 110-inch video wall (Video-wall)
    • Rental of all types of ceremony and catering equipment, including multi-purpose equipment for making hot drinks, hotel syrup making equipment and all the dishes needed for catering in the booth.

and other necessary equipment for exhibitions, conferences, conferences, seminars, various congresses